How to not be stressed? 8 mistakes we all make

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How to avoid stress? Stress is an integral part of our daily lives. We are constantly under stress and we would like it to stop. To do this, it is essential to learn to think better. Here are 8 mistakes to avoid.

The relationship between stress and thoughts

Where do our thoughts come from?

We can have up to 60,000 thoughts a day. Our brain is an absolute machine that never stops.

Most of our thoughts are automatic and negative. This is because our brain finds it more useful to remember the dangers and therefore the negative, it is our survival instinct. Something useful in the past, but nowadays we are burdened with a lot of unnecessary stress. Yes, we don’t live in a jungle at the mercy of predators.

In other words, the positive is only incidental to our brain…

All this is to say that our thoughts are automatic and negative. We have inherited them from our family, our teachers, and our life experiences. This implies that we all have very different thought patterns from each other. And yet… this leads us all to the same result: the creation of stress.

Why do thoughts create stress?

Our thoughts create stress because stress is the result of:

our perception of a possible danger / our ability to cope with it

our ability to cope with it

In other words, if we think that we are not able to cope with a situation, our stress increases dramatically.

Thus, we are driven to want to control what is around us and give even more weight to our thoughts. Indeed, we need ‘certainty’. We need to have answers for everything, about ourselves and others. A whole inner dialogue is fed and creates a life full of stress.

How can we avoid stress? By understanding that stress is originally a simple perception we have of reality and our abilities. It is only subjective.

In other words, learning to take a step back from our thoughts allows us to live more serenely.


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