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There are numerous intriguing mysteries from the past that beg to be solved. So who better to decipher the mysteries of the unknown than the Reddit group r/todayilearned, where people often share stories about strange things happening with no answers? We chose six such stories for this piece, along with our favorite Reddit theories.

1-Oak Island’s Hidden Treasure

Looking for a true story involving frightening skeletons and zany, quick-witted pirates? We couldn’t help you with that, but we can tell you about some strange occurrences on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. According to legend, in 1799, a settler named Daniel McGinnis was seeking a spot to start a farm and promoted the formation of a unique circular depression in the ground. He reasoned that it had to be a chest containing £2 million in treasure buried by Captain Kidd roughly 100 years ago because, well, why wouldn’t it?

Despite the fact that innumerable individuals have spent the past 200+ years digging around in vain, Reddit users have come up with their own creative notions about what’s waiting to be uncovered. Shakespeare’s misplaced manuscripts? What is the Convent’s Ark? Some tell that the treasure will only be revealed when seven wealthy adventurers have died searching for it. Which begs the question, why seven rather than, say, 700 hundred? Because who has the patience to wait for that many bodies to wash up on the beach?

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