8 tips to keep your weight loss resolutions this year

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8- Stay positive

Losing weight takes time and it is important not to be too hard on yourself. The goal of following a healthy diet is to change habits for the long term and eat well for life. It is important to remember that weight loss cannot be instantaneous, just as weight gain does not happen overnight. It is important to take the time to care for yourself, to be forgiving, and to celebrate each goal you achieve.

It is normal to return to old eating habits or to sometimes exceed the calorie limit, there is no need to feel guilty. The important thing is to stay on track in the long run, so if you indulge in a restaurant one day, it’s important to get back on track the next. The goal is to eat healthily and develop a better relationship with food so you never feel deprived. Moderation is key and losing weight is achievable with the right attitude and motivation. It is important to remember that bad habits add up, so it is important to gradually change those habits to achieve the weight loss goal.


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