8 tips to keep your weight loss resolutions this year

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5- Prepare healthy meals that taste good

Preparing tasty and healthy meals is key to maintaining your weight loss goals because if you don’t enjoy your meals, you may fall back into your old eating habits. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself, especially if you add spices or flavor. Use your creativity to add flavor to your food while keeping your caloric intake low.

Vegetables and salads are very healthy and low in calories but can also be delicious if you add seasonings. Highlight lean meats like turkey or chicken with avocado, arugula, onions, and baby tomatoes, and add a little lemon and olive oil for a healthy and tasty meal.

No matter what your diet (carnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan) being creative and making as many meals as possible yourself will help you lose weight. Processed foods often contain extra calories and unhealthy additives, chemicals, sugar, and salt in excess. Prepare your own meals to better control your diet and use fresh, natural ingredients and your body will thank you.


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