Does Having Pigeon Toes Impact Running?

Does Having Pigeon Toes Impact Running?
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Pigeon-toed children typically outgrow this affliction over time. Most of the time, even grownups who continue to pigeon-toe will not detect any detrimental effects, even when jogging. However, you might need to consult a doctor if joint discomfort starts to appear; he might suggest wearing particular shoes or perhaps having surgery to fix the problem.

A male jogger ties his shoe. (Image: Dave & Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Getty Images)

Definition of Pigeon Toes

Instead of angling their feet forward and away from one another as they typically would, pigeon-toed people have their feet angled toward one another. According to the Colorado Foot Institute, a youngster with pigeon toes will typically eventually outgrow them. This ailment is particularly prevalent in children. However, even people with pigeon toes typically do not experience severe daily limitations as a result of the disorder.

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