3 Habits to Improve Your Relationship with Your Child

Relationship with Your Child
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The relationship between you and your child can never be ‘too strong,’ and if you’re actively looking for new techniques and tried-and-true methods to strengthen your bond even more, make sure you incorporate the following recommendations into your everyday life.

3-Touch, Hug, and Cuddle Your Child at Least 10 Times Each Day

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After a single unpleasant connection, children require at least four positive interactions with their parents to feel safe and loved – but the good news is that you can bank on unending hugs to deliver that positive reinforcement. Physical engagement is one of the most important aspects of a successful parent-child relationship, and studies have shown that children thrive when their parents express their appreciation in physical ways, such as kisses, cuddles, and lots and lots of hugs, tickling, and back pats.


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